ChartCo Introduces EnviroManager Version 5.4 At Europort

ChartCo, the leading global supplier of maritime digital data and compliance services has announced the launch of version 5.4 of EnviroManager. Already installed on over 500 vessels since its launch in early 2017, EnviroManager is a simple and easy to understand user interface with all the information available to assist vessels to comply with MARPOL regulations for discharges and emissions.

Uniquely, EnviroManager includes the baseline information for each nation as required by the regulations. The display shows “distance from land” as measured from the official country baseline, as opposed to the shoreline which is identified on a navigational chart. Skippers using the shoreline distance can unintentionally discharge waste illegally due to being under 3NM from the required baseline. No other system displays this information as comprehensively and clearly as EnviroManager.

The International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments (BWM Convention) entered into force in September 2017. This latest version of the EnviroManager platform integrates all current BWM Convention information including national designated BWEA (Ballast Water Exchange Areas) which are carefully monitored by ChartCo and will be continuously updated. Regional BWM arrangements for the North-East Atlantic, the Baltic Sea Area, the Mediterranean Sea, the ROPME Sea Area and national regulations (including State-specific requirements in the US) have also been integrated with the requirements of the BWM Convention. EnviroManager version 5.4 therefore provides clear assistance to all discharge requirements when operating in different areas and maritime zones.

The various types of discharge are clearly defined by the EnviroManager system and include bilge water, sewage, air emissions, garbage, food waste and ballast. A simple colour coded display advises the crew when discharges are, and are not permitted in any position the vessel is located worldwide.

EnviroManager operates using a GPS feed to show regulations at any given position. A regularly updated geographic database includes all agreed national and international baselines. By using symbols for every presented regulation, EnviroManager is very easy to use, helping the crew to plan the handling of waste efficiently and minimising the risk of a faulty discharge.

EnviroManager version 5.4 is a safe and reliable system to protect the crew from causing unwanted and illegal discharges. ChartCo is once again bringing the latest digitised information to shipping operators in the most usable and understandable package to make compliance easy and achievable for any vessel whether operating regionally or globally.

About ChartCo

ChartCo is a global leader in digital navigation services and voyage compliance. Our aim is to provide market-leading products and services that reduce the cost of ship operations, improve situational awareness to owners and crew and assist with the ever-increasing levels of regulatory compliance. Today we have more than 13,500 vessels purchasing our products and services each year.

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