Cox Powertrain: International Distribution and Service Network to be Announced

Cox Powertrain, the British company behind the development of the new game-changing diesel out boat engine, the CXO300, will join forces with its US distributors for the first time at the International Workboat Show in New Orleans.

The recently announced distributor line-up comprises some of the USA’s most prominent diesel engine sales and service specialists, who have been specifically appointed to bring the CXO300 to market in the USA and provide a solid and reliable support network to the US commercial workboat community.

A number of Cox Powertrain’s US distributors will be available on the Cox booth throughout the three-day event to talk about the ground-breaking technology that makes the CXO300 so special.

Owner for Louisiana-based Innovative Diesel, Chuck Chiquet, said, “The marine industry is about to be totally changed with the introduction of this innovative technology. A diesel-powered outboard engine that is competitively priced and sized is long overdue. Interest from the commercial marine community has been strong for some time. The CXO300 brings new levels of reliability, total cost of ownership, and efficiency to the customer base.”

The CXO300 is the highest power density diesel outboard engine ever developed. With petrol now not permitted on an increasing number of vessels due to safety issues, the introduction of a viable diesel outboard that offers a comparable power and weight of a gasoline engine will be transformational for the commercial workboat industry. Delivering 300hp, it offers significantly lower running costs than its gasoline equivalent, longer service intervals and an expected lifecycle three times longer than a gasoline outboard.

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About Cox Powertrain

Cox Powertrain is a world-leading British designer and builder of diesel engines developed for worldwide and multi-market applications.

Based on the South Coast of England, Cox Powertrain is backed by the Ministry of Defence and a solid shareholder base of private and institutional investors. As a result, the company has been able to implement a long-term development programme of ground-breaking new products.

Led by ex-Cosworth CEO, Tim Routsis, whose background lies in engine development in global automotive, aerospace and marine markets, the company’s mission is to deliver a completely new concept in diesel engines that has the potential to revolutionise the marine market.

With a strong pedigree in Formula 1 racing and premium automotive design, Cox’s highly skilled team of engineers has decades of experience in combustion engines and understand the many difficulties with which customers are challenged.

Cox’s first ground-breaking diesel outboard engine, the CXO300, is the highest power density diesel outboard engine ever developed. As a low weight, high power, single fuel engine, the CXO300 delivers the same performance and efficiency of an inboard but with the convenience and flexibility of an outboard.

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