US premiere for Arcadia Sherpa at Miami Yacht Show

– High-profile American premiere for the Italian yard’s 60-footer at the upcoming Miami Yacht Show (15-19 February 2018)
– The convertible sky lounge is the perfect match for the American market because it allows owners to enjoy their yacht in all seasons and all weathers in superb comfort
– An approximately 50 square metre (538 square foot) deck also guarantees direct contact with the surrounding sea and environment
– Yacht position EX 9N-P

The ARCADIA SHERPA is now ready to go for its American premiere at the upcoming Miami Yacht Show, which runs in the Florida city from February 15 to 19 2018. This is an important debut for ARCADIA YACHTS, eight years on from its own launch on the market, particularly as it takes place during one of the most important events of the American winter season.

The SHERPA is an ideal match for the American market because it allows owners to enjoy the sea all year round. At the touch of a button, the side windows in the Easy-Close sky lounge raise all the way to the hard top, completely enclosing the space, very much as happens in a convertible sports car. In other words, the SHERPA’s upper deck is convertible in the true sense of the term.
The area is also air-conditioned which makes it incredibly versatile and usable in all kinds of weathers. The up&down windows can be closed in both very hot climates or foul weather or lowered to enjoy the natural sea breeze.

“The American public has been aware of ARCADIA YACHTS for several years now,” declared the yard’s sole director Ugo Pellegrino, “as a result of the interest raised by our Yachting Renaissance philosophy, our designs and attendance of the leading shows in Florida. Thanks to the investments we’ve made in recent years, we delivered an A85 to the Caribbean that sparked a lot of interest from long-standing sector professionals. As a result we chose K&H as our distributor for Mexico and the Florida-based Latin client-base. We are confident that the SHERPA’s presence at the upcoming Miami Yacht Show will help spread the word about our values and our brand still further to the public on that side of the ocean, particularly after the great interest we had from the media and end clients.”


The SHERPA is a 60’ yacht that retains the ideas and characteristics that make every ARCADIA model different from the rest of the competition. Thanks in great part also to a new arrangement of the onboard spaces that focuses on prioritising convivial areas and creating a strong, direct relationship between those aboard and the natural world.

The deck’s exterior areas are a case in point – guests can chill out here on a large aft-facing C-shaped sofa or two further sofas which convert to further sun pads amidships. Moving aft, the importance of the close relationship between man and nature aboard ARCADIA yachts becomes even clearer: just a single downward step at the sides of the large sunning takes guests to water level.


The SHERPA’s classic hull lines are working vessel-inspired and meld effortlessly with elements, such as the superstructure, that lighten and modernise its profile as well as being extremely functional.

The superstructure, which provides shelter for the bow section of the deck, also sports integrated this-generation solar cells. This advanced, sustainable solution provides enough power to run many of the onboard instruments and systems, also guaranteeing unparalleled acoustic comfort at anchor as well as a significant reduction in fuel consumption and, consequently, a smaller environmental footprint.

ARCADIA’s ability to adapt reliable technologies and improve their efficiency is highlighted by the use of a hull derived from the semi-planing NPL hull which has been extensively used and tested since the 1960s and is coupled here with Volvo Penta IPS600 engines. The result is extremely low fuel consumption and exceptional handling all to the advantage on onboard comfort. This advanced hull, together with the signature ultralight ARCADIA YACHTS superstructure, delivers performance together with fuel efficiency.


The Italian yard has also developed two different interior options for the SHERPA which can then be honed still further with individual owners. The first version features a large master suite complete with a bathroom that is essentially a private spa and wellness area, and another cabin with a day head. The second version features instead a single master suite with a modular saloon/lounge area with sliding panels to allow it to be sectioned off in different ways. Interior standing room in both versions is approximately two metres.


ARCADIA YACHTS takes an entirely owner-focused approach to developing its yachts, concentrating on the use each individual will be making of his or her yacht. Owners’ requests and needs are carefully listened to, taken onboard and then used to turn dreams into glorious reality.

Sailing the seas aboard an ARCADIA is a completely different emotional and practical experience: it is no longer simply an opportunity to be gently rocked by the waves and admire the natural world from a very privileged viewpoint. Arcadia Yachts’ craft bring owners and guests into very close contact with the surrounding seascape from practically any angle, both interior and exterior.

The yachts boast large open deck spaces that go well beyond the average size and totally immerse passengers in the marine environment, so that yacht and sea seem to meld into one seamless entity. Almost as if they were natural extensions of each other. The confine between exterior and interior blurs and becomes almost imperceptible as the enclosed spaces seem to open up and become part of the natural world.

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