Arcadia Yachts in the UK: A100+ hull #1 sold after just two months from his official presentation

Arcadia Yachts is proud to announce the sale of the first unit of A100+ to a British resident after just two months from his official presentation on the occasion of Montenapoleone Yacht Club 2017 held in Milan.

An additional remarkable achievement for Arcadia Yachts that confirms his strong position in the British market after the sale of A85 unit #12 to an English owner last July 2017.

A100+ is the first project created in collaboration with milanese design studio Hot Lab.

A100+ masculine, clean and multifaceted lines, have been reinterpreted to further develop the on-board living spaces, both inside and out, that’s the quintessence of each Arcadia yacht.

Arcadia was created to put the owner at the center of the design process, shaping the space around him and giving him the possibility to fully appreciate surrounding nature, and so is the new A100+, a great yacht to fully live the sea, the wildlife and also the beloved ones as high priority has also given to conviviality and leisure while on-board.

As in all Arcadia yachts, nature is not only enhanced but, and perhaps above all, respected thanks to his ample openings that limit the use of air conditioning, his solar panels integrated into the superstructure, and the ample use of state-of-the-art thermally isolated windows. A great evidence of the yard’s commitment to its ecological values.

The yard and its team look forward to Cannes Yachting Festival 2017 during which exciting new projects will be unveiled.

About Arcadia Yachts

ECOTHINK – A “green” approach reflects in everything we do, in our everyday life, at work and when making big decisions. This is a lifestyle that ARCADIA Yachts has managed to bring into the nautical sector through an idea that has combined together functional design and “ethical sense”, appreciation and respect for the environment. An “ecological idea” which translates into eco-friendly solutions, that reduces consumption and environmental impact. To enjoy the sea in a more free and responsible way. Because the future of yachting is a little greener every day.

ECOTECH – The most advanced technological research and the best Italian creativity to generate innovative and efficient solutions which define a new “sustainable” frontier in yachting:

> FUNCTIONAL DESIGN with a distinct personal touch, to better integrate shapes and components and reach the highest eco-friendly performance;

> Double glazing PANELS integrated within the superstructure. This feature ensures maximum comfort whilst recharging the batteries and powering all utilities and services on-board. This is the only way to reduce the use of generators;

> HYDRODYNAMIC EFFICIENCY of the semi-displacement hull which requires limited engine power, guaranteeing low consumption, emissions and maintenance costs;

> SOPHISTICATED SYSTEMS which provide waste water treatment to avoid pollution;

> Optional HYBRID PROPULSION to sail up to 8 knots with “zero emissions” in absolute silence;

>ARCADIA ASSEMBLING SYSTEM which minimizes the waste materials during the building stage, the use of paints, and helps reduce construction times.

THE SHIPYARD – The shipyard is located in the heart of the Mediterranean: a 36.000m2 facility where craftsmanship, modern technologies, attention to detail and the surrounding environment are perfectly blended together.

THE FLEET – A series of fiberglass yachts ranging from 58’ to 115’, with new plans to increase the top size from 145’ up to 180’, both in steel.


Arcadia Yachts Contacts

Arcadia Yachts S.r.l. Legal Office and Headquarters

ViaTerragneta, 90, 80058 Torre Annunziata, Napoli, Italy

Tel +39 081 8590701

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