Azimut Yachts in Miami with 3 new models and the calendar for the 50th

Not just one, but five events have been planned by the Azimut|Benetti Group for 2019; with the number of events representing each of the decades that Azimut Yachts has been in service, after its founding in 1969 by Paolo Vitelli.

“This choice,” explained Giovanna Vitelli, A|B Group Vice-President, “was prompted by the desire to enhance the international attitude of the company as much as possible. It’s the perfect occasion to celebrate in iconic locations, all of which are significant to the nautical market too.”

Atlantis 45

The celebrations begin in Dubai, where on the 22nd and 23rd of March, the Bulgari Hotel Marina and Yacht Club will host up to 250 guests for two days of visits aboard Azimut Yachts’ newest models, as well as an exclusive evening full of major surprises.

In May, the next stop will be New York, the worldwide metropolitan capital of all things avant-garde, and an inexhaustible source of inspiration and emotion. It’s here that Azimut Yachts will uphold its dedication to design and innovation, with a venture sure to leave its impression on not only the yachting community, but the general public too. This memorable occasion will mark the introduction of a new creative goal, the like of which the brand has become renowned for.

In September, Azimut arrives in Cannes, where the first boat show of the season is to be held, and which will serve as the backdrop to yet another celebratory event; this time with a focus on new models and the seductive allure of the Côte d’Azur. This dazzling event will attract a mélange of guests from all over the world.

Further afield, there will be a dedicated event for Azimut Yachts enthusiasts in the Far East: in November, Hong Kong will play host to the fourth international event.

Azimut Verve 47

In December, to close this historic year, captivating Avigliana will be the centre stage for a remarkable evening. The town that Azimut calls home is an enticing destination in itself – here, where the stunning profile of the Piedmontese mountains meets the surprising heart of a cutting-edge shipyard, the Group will invite its closest friends, its longest standing clients, and the business community which has been there to see the Group’s founding, growth, and the success of this extraordinary endeavour.

“Each of these locations,” concludes Vitelli, “has, for us, some special significance. These are four dynamic, cosmopolitan cities, encouraging their own unique take on style and event. And for us to conclude our celebrations, in the place where everything first began for Azimut, will truly swell our hearts with pride. We hope our guests will feel at completely at home in Piedmont. We want them to experience first-hand the magic that goes into the creation of an Azimut yacht – an inimitable alchemy composed of impeccable aesthetic values combined with Italian craftsmanship and outstanding technological innovation.”

In Miami, Azimut Yachts is also preparing to introduce some of its latest innovations for the next nautical season. In addition to the Grande S10 and Magellano 25 Meter RPH, the Company will outline the characters of the upcoming models; the 76 Fly, the Verve 47, and the Atlantis 45.

The Atlantis 45 is the successor of the Atlantis 43, a model of enormous success with a proven sales record that surpassed every expectation, selling over 140 units in four years. Characterized by a user-friendly VOLVO IPS propulsion system, it carries on the stylistic accents introduced by its older sister, the Atlantis 51: the stem of the yacht verticalizes towards the deck in order to maintain a slight forward momentum, bringing the energetic dynamism expected from a sports vessel. The hull windows run from stern to bow along the yacht’s hull in a distinctive blade shape, highlighting again the lean lines and the sporty soul of the yacht. The yacht is laid out in two cabins: an owner’s cabin, and another at amidship, with two beds which can be combined to create a double berth, and to which even a third can be added. The cabins within the yacht are both ample and welcoming, thanks to its width of 4.25 meters. At the stern, a garage can hold a tender of up to 2.5 meters in length.

Azimut 76 Fly

The Azimut 76 Fly is a significant project which strikes a perfect balance between a sophisticated design and a focus on delivering optimised interior spaces. The first vessel of the Fly Collection distinguishes itself from other yachts with its unique layout, offering an allocation of spaces typically seen in much larger vessels. A great deal of attention was paid to maintaining the privacy of guests on board, positioning the spaces dedicated to the crew at the bow, with access to the wheelhouse and galley; both areas can be completely separated from the living and dining areas. Fitted with a VOLVO IPS trimotor propulsion system, the yacht delivers outstanding performance and manoeuvrability.

The interior of the vessel is the design of Achille Salvagni, and the first version to be presented, Lounge, is defined by its ability to combine eating and living spaces to offer greater versatility and freedom in the use of these common areas; when not dining, one can enjoy the ample spaces to move freely between two sitting areas. Here a versatile and chic dining table can also function as a coffee table in a quick and convenient transformation.

The design of the external lines was entrusted to Alberto Mancini, who for the first time, has collaborated in the realization of a yacht in the Fly Collection: the sinuous forms, typical of the Mancini style, have been interpreted here in an unprecedented take, and give an expressive new language to nautical design. The Azimut 76 Fly fits perfectly into the generation of carbon-tech Azimut Yachts vessels.

The Verve 47 was envisioned specifically for the American market, arriving on the scene as an emblem of the Italian Weekender: a fast and high-performance yacht, it is a vessel that will spark joy in any handler. Its second cabin lends itself well to longer stays on board, allowing guests to spread out in relaxing surroundings. In the creative development phase the yacht was conceived both to maintain family ties with its younger sister, the Verve 40, but also to embody the shape of a blade. This chic and sharp design rhetoric offers a winning combination of both super-cool looks, as well as a slick hull for outstanding performance on the water. In fact, this boat is at the vanguard of some extremely new and iconic shapes for the company: the bow reinterprets the geometry of off-shore racing boats, while maintaining a 100% Azimut Yachts personality. The hull windows climb upwards to overcome and integrate with the bow’s leading edge, thereby representing the interaction between the cutting element and the water element. A pilot house windscreen with expanded helmsman’s view to the sides triggers a real connection to the sea and enhances the driving experience.

The stepped hull, conceived by the incredible designer Michael Peters, ensures a significant reduction in friction, as well as excellent performance, while preserving the dimensions and proportions of the boat.

Verve 47 comes equipped with quadruple outboard engines, thanks to which it is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 45 knots.

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