i-Bridge® Panorama VBS: New panoramic configuration with windscreen integration

TEAM Italia presents i-Bridge® Panorama VBS – Virtualized Bridge Solution, the new integrated nav-com solution which controls and manages onboard systems. This is achieved by means of 3D technology, multi-touch controls and joggers, as well as a 4k stretch display, integrated wing, new panoramic visualization and front windscreen integration

The Italian company is focussing strongly on its design and developing ergonomic studies for a range of environments and new applications.
The i-Bridge® Panorama VBS – Virtualized Bridge Solution is user-friendly and guarantees high standards of safety.

The layout presented at the Monaco Yacht Show features:

  • a central module with a 4K display, 4K touch control, a multi-keyboard with a jogger and trackball, touch and control.
  • side modules which comprise navigation systems, conning display, 4K touch display fitted with multi-controls, touch joggers and trackballs.

2018 confirms the excellent results the company has achieved over the past 20 years. Production is currently running at full pace and orders have been taken through to 2021.

“With over five hundred 30 to 100-metre projects already launched, we can confirm our market trend is upward,” says Minnella, TEAM Italia CEO. “We’re working on 31 new superyachts this year and already have 42 confirmed orders for production starting in 2019 and 14 for 2020.”.

An impressive 7 new megayachts on display at the Monaco Yacht Show 2018 have been fitted with the i-Bridge® system.

Wider 165 MY Cecilia
RossiNavi MY Utopia
Benetti Fast 140 MY Ironman
Custom Line Navetta 33.03
Custom Line Navetta 37
Custom Line Navetta 42
San Lorenzo 52 Steel MY KD


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