Nauta Tender 48 launched by Maxi Dolphin: Elegance with versatility

Nauta created a elegant exterior design that recalls a patrol boat’s approach to practical seaworthiness. A long rubbing strake elegantly underlines the hull profile and at the same time serves the practical purpose of scout potential anchorages, bringing guests to shore, provisioning and staying in ports too shallow for the mother yacht.

The Nauta Tender 48’ is a boat that could be used in a variety of roles when the mother yacht is taking long cruises.

The cockpit has been designed for enjoying the sea from up close yet remains a protected spot in rougher conditions. Two sunpads, which can be extended to the shaded area under the hard top, sit aft. The cockpit meanwhile features two symmetrical seating areas around mahogany tables, which can be used as either dining or coffee tables. When the comfortable cushions are put away, the cockpit can be used as loading space for bringing provisions to the mother ship.

The bridge is fore of the cockpit. Teak and composite finished in a metallic grey tone make this a strikingly beautiful as well as functional area. Navigational and monitoring systems allow this tender combines its roles of both working and pleasure. The glazed areas can be opened and have wipers and the windscreen is tilted forwards to minimise reflection from the boat’s electronics during night runs.

Below deck there is an owner’s cabin fore, a galley and an additional cabin that can be used by crew or guests. All the interiors cabins makes rational use of space to maximize volume. The style is simple and welcoming with materials such as laminated linen fibre used in the flooring , ceilings and countertops. Aft of the galley there is a large service space with a washer/dryer, a wine cooler, and the circuit panel.

Powered by a pair of 600HP Cummins engines and Rolls-Royce waterjets, the Nauta Tender 48 has a top speed of 37 knots.


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