Palm Beach Yachts debuts GT50 at Miami Yacht Show

The new Palm Beach Yachts GT50 Open model has made its debut at the ongoing Miami Yacht Show.

The GT50 Open will feel a bit similaras the GT50 Salon Express, it is around the same dimensions as it uses the same hull. The propulsion setup is the same: two Volvo IPS 800s.

With these versatile engines the output is enough to throttle the GT50 Open to a top speed of 42-knots and cruise at an impressive 35-knots. Onboard there is accommodation for guests in two cabins. The master cabin is up front and naturally sleeps two while there is a queen berth further aft to sleep another two, bringing the total to four. The contemporary style has interior clad and upholstered in designer fabrics.

The design blends classic lines with a modern flair that is sometimes not the easiest thing to do. Curving lines make the yacht look even more visual appealing and her low profile is complemented by the use of carbon fiber decks to keep the CoG (Center of Gravity) low in the boat.

Palm Beach Yachts is on display at Ramp B slips 3, 4 and 5.

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