YXT 20m Support Vessel first unit work in progress

Following up on the 2016 March press release announcing the construction of the YXT 20m support vessel, Yacht X Tender, a division of Lynx Yachts, is pleased to announce that construction of the first unit of 20 meter vessel is proceeding perfectly according to schedule. The support vessel, built on-spec in Holland like all YXT vessels, is presently in the painting phase, having completed all the system and power plant installations.


The 24 meter unit delivered in 2014

– Completely on-time and on-schedule
– Trail launch this June, delivery to client at the end of July
– Public presentation during the Monaco Yacht Show 2016

Differing from the 24 meter unit delivered in 2014 and presented to the public, during the MYS of the same year, with it’s grey livery, the YXT 20 Support Vessel has a white livery, giving her a fresher and more marine aspect. This color scheme also emphasizes the gamma’s production philosophy: created for carrying extra toys and gadgets, the vessel’s use is closer to the fun and leisure aspects of seagoing.

A further modification is the addition of a stern mounted gangway crane, allowing the transom mounted beach area to be used to carry tenders and jet skis. The stairs and the first four meters of deck are completed in teak, underlining the yachting style of the YXT 20.

The trial launch of the YXT 20 is planned for the middle of June, with routine sea trails immediately following. Two weeks after completion of the trails, the yacht will be delivered for use in the Mediterranean, primarily in Southern France.

Public debut will be at the Monaco Boat Show, September 28th to October 1st, 2016, with the yacht on display on the quay hosting the luxury maxi tenders.YXT1

Built in steel, the YXT 20 support vessel has a spacious 45 square meter deck and additional toys requested by the owner of the mother ship. Compared to the 24 meter model, the YXT 20 has a more traditional bow and the stern beach club is fixed not folding. The interior is designed by Frank Darnet Design.


The most compact member of the YXT “shadow boat fleet” has a four person crew quarters with two twin cabins with baths, galley, storage and laundry rooms, plus one large storage boxe with hatches that give onto the main deck that can also be used for refrigerators, wine cellars, or when necessary, as extra berths (depending on the final destination of the yacht).


The primary characteristic of every support vessel: the YXT 20 features two davits – the primary located on the main deck, the secondary, which also serves as the gangway, at the stern. The davit’s have a lifting capacity of 1.7 tons with a 5 meter reach and 360° slewing.


Guest area and lounge: bulkheads and overheads in natural wood veneer marine grade plywood, parquet flooring. Furnishings in natural wood veneer marine grade plywood

Crew quarters

Bulkheads in natural wood veneer marine grade plywood, parquet flooring. Furnishings in white laminate veneer marine grade plywood with wood trim.

YXT 20m storage dimensions and volume

Hold: 5m x 5m, 25m2
Available volume: apx. 30m3 with standing headroom Length: 5m
Width at deck level: apx. 5.5m
Centerline headroom: 1.8m/1.95m
Lateral headroom (for storage only): 1.25m
Available storage volume: 30cbm

About Lynx Yachts & YXT Yacht x Tender

More of a ship than a boat: this is the claim of Lynx Yachts, the new and dynamic yard in Dutch shipbuilding. Though founded in 2010/2011, the young shipyard can count on the decades of experience brought by it’s founder Slim Bouricha and his workforce, offering yachts tailor made for each client with proverbial Dutch quality. The primary mission of Lynx Yachts is reliability at sea for yachts produced with an obsessive attention to quality down to the smallest detail. Two production divisions: the fully custom line (Lynx Yachts) division that includes displacement motor yachts from 25m to 45m in steel and aluminum, and the YXT – Yacht x Tender division that includes displacement aluminum shadow boats and support vessels from 20m to 36m (for the moment). The first launch was the full custom Heliad II (34m) in 2013, with the Yacht x Tender division YXT One (24m) the next to touch the water in 2014. Following the success of the first units, both already sold, for summer 2016 the yard will launch the 20m YXT while the full custom line will be augmented in the course of the year with new design proposals.


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